How to choose the most suitable pill especially for you?

How to choose the most suitable pill especially for you?

Life without drugs is just a dream. Even the healthiest people, owners of good health, visit pharmacies. When your head hurts, not everyone will take time off at work to sit in queues at hospitals. I have been in situations where I just had a stomachache. I knew for sure that I did not have to go to the doctor, and there was not even time for it. But the choice of medicine has always been difficult. For such cases, I decided to develop rules for choosing drugs.

Basic rules for buying drugs

•    First, describe to the pharmacist the symptoms of the disease. The specialist has a pharmaceutical education, and he can tell you something.

•    Next, specify the side effects of the drug. A regular headache pill can cause nausea, allergies, and the treatment will resemble the circles of hell.

•    Ask whether there are analogs of production. It often happens that there are cheaper analogs of drugs.

•    If you are continually taking any medicine, you need to know what other means you can drink it.

•    When you buy medicine for a child, be sure to find out how old it is to give it to children.

•    Find out exact dosages. Everyone knows that activated charcoal helps with poisoning, and take  2-4 tablets in the hope of recovery.

Also be on your guard if you are offered the same medicine, with the same action, but at a meager price. You should be skeptical about new drugs; there are a lot of generics among them. Generics are drugs that “imitate” their peers. Often duplicates may only not be as effective.

A new medicine according to all the rules must pass a test for several years after it has been published, and then something can be said about it. It is enough to recall only some cases from the history of medicine when people were treated with radioactive or arsenic drugs. Therefore, for each new “revolutionary” medicine, time must pass. It is also often the case that new drugs are nothing more than the usual rebranding of old ones. Any ordinary titration will be released, only with a bright name and beautiful packaging, and its cost is several times higher. And it may seem to people that its action is more effective.

You can never mix dietary supplements and drugs. Nutritional supplements can not help with diseases. Nutritional supplements can be used only as a bonus to nutrition. But they can not replace drugs.

And what in practice?

Now we need to practice our knowledge. Let’s arrange a trip to the pharmacy. One of the most popular and sought-after drug groups is sorbents. These are drugs that help with poisoning. For example, when traveling in other countries, an unpleasant feeling in the stomach of outstanding food may arise. And just in case, we take with us activated carbon. During the holidays, for example, in China, after eating fried spiders and chewing a couple of snakes, the stomach ached, and activated charcoal did not help much in this situation. Why? Because you did not read the instructions. You should use 50 pills in this situation.

The wrong choice of medication and improper use can lead to undesirable consequences. When choosing a means you need to decide on the goal.

So, our goal is to choose the right sorbent for travel.

Let’s start point by point.

The main thing is to help with poisoning effectively. The pharmacy advised sorbent, which has the highest cleaning ability – Polysorb. And then somehow I do not want to swallow about 50 tablets of activated carbon. Polysorb, of course, is also not the most delicious thing in the world, but you can do it.

Further side effects. All sorbents are contraindicated: some may be allergic, and may even irritate the digestive tract. It turned out that Atoxil, Polysorb and White Coal have minimal contraindications and side effects, like constipation.

Then I asked if there are dietary supplements among these drugs. I was told that White coal is an analog of activated carbon, but it is a dietary supplement that has recently appeared on the market. Therefore it has not yet been tested.

Another critical point is clarifying which drugs can be used for children. I was advised Smektu or Polisorb.

After analyzing the sorbents, I concluded that the market provides a lot of different options. I chose the old proven activated carbon and equally proven Polysorb. For prevention, you can drink activated carbon, but only 2-4 tablets, not more. Coal has many contraindications. In the case of acute poisoning, I will drink Polysorb.

This is how the rules work. But they are suitable only for those cases when there is absolutely no time to consult a doctor. Concluding the experiment on the choice of drugs, you should add another interesting fact. Remember that pharmacies are the same stores where there are discounts on drugs that will soon deteriorate are present, and there are promotions on those drugs that sell poorly. Think a few times before you buy your medicine.

The correct decision is to buy medicines for various diseases and unpleasant symptoms only on the recommendation of a doctor or a prescription. The doctor will prescribe the necessary pills, the exact dosage and tell you about the methods of use. If you need to buy drugs without a prescription, you can not treat their purchase carelessly. A pharmacy is not a store where you can come and choose the product you like. It is essential to know the composition of the pills that you acquire, the indications for their reception and contraindications. The pharmacy will not take back a drug bought by mistake, so you need to purchase medicine correctly.

It is important to know that many potent drugs and antibiotics, tablets that affect the nervous system and have dangerous side effects, should be purchased only by prescription. Therefore, ask the doctor to write you a prescription for this or that remedy clearly and accurately. You should not carelessly treat recipes if the sheet is rubbed, healed or frayed, it threatens to misinterpret its contents by the pharmacist and give the wrong medicine (this is especially dangerous if it comes to antibiotics, heart remedies, antidepressants). In this case, the drug will be useless or, even worse, is contraindicated. Check with the doctor the name of the pills and, pulling the prescription to the pharmacist, specify the name of the drug, as well as indicate the medicine against which it was prescribed and to whom it will be applied.

Such accuracy will avoid many problems and inaccuracies, including due to the difficult to read the handwriting of a specialist. Before making a payment, make sure that you are given the right medicine, especially if it is antibiotics, and their dosage is appropriate (it does not need to be split or calculated).

Also, specify the form of the drug – if you need capsules or syrup, do not need to purchase tablets or solutions. Also, make sure that the expiration date of the drug is not coming to an end and the packaging is not broken. For example, you have been prescribed antibiotics, and the doctor prescribed Sumamed 500 mg, in capsules. This drug is available in the form of tablets and tablets 250, 500 and 1000 mg, as well as suspensions, solution for injection. Demand that at the pharmacy you be given precisely the prescribed dosage and that is the capsule. Buying Sumamed 1000ml tablets will require crushing the drug, which is inconvenient and can reduce the effects. The recipes indicate the active substance, and it is essential if you are given a medication with a brand name so that its active material matches the designated one.

Medicines by individual order

Usually, these are powders, solutions, emulsions and some other forms that the pharmacy prepares according to a doctor’s prescription. You need to get them no later than two days from the date of manufacture. They are perishables with a limited shelf life. When buying, specify the storage conditions, the use of the drug and its composition, so that they fully comply with the stated in the recipe, also check the reliability of the packaging to bring the medicine home without spilling and without damaging its composition.

Medicines against various ailments without a prescription

Often, patients go to a pharmacy to buy tablets or syrups, capsules or non-prescription solutions. Buying these medicines clearly and distinctly need to explain to the pharmacy worker what purposes and for the treatment of what problem you are getting the drug. For example, you need to buy medicine for cough for a child aged five years.

If the child is allergic to herbal syrup, it can cause the development of allergic croup with laryngeal edema, which further complicates the patient’s condition instead of the desired treatment. The correct option, in this case, would be a consultation with a doctor and the prescription of OTC drugs for them.