How to avoid getting ill

How to avoid getting ill

Getting sick is always tricky, unpleasant and expensive. How not to get sick? Take a closer look at the habits of people who get sick less often than others.

Any disease is a stress for the body. It can lead to complications, exacerbation of chronic diseases and it knocks a person out of the usual pace of life. Another side of health problems is that they are significantly popping. Dollar leaps and price increases have affected the cost of drugs considerably. Even the common cold can inflict a sizeable blow to the family budget. And the more serious the disease, the more expensive the treatment is for the patient. Domestic or equivalent drugs may cost less than imported ones, but the problem remains. Inpatient treatment costs even more.

It is not a secret that, for example, the flu without adequate treatment may be complicated by bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia and other life-threatening diseases. It is unacceptable to hope only on traditional methods of treatment. What to do if it is expensive to get sick? There is a solution: take care of disease prevention.

How not to get sick? As you know, the propensity to disease depends mainly on the lifestyle, habits, and thoughts of a person. Let’s see what unites people who are ill less often than others.

Less stress

It is proven that stress undermines immunity and harms the heart. As a result, a person becomes vulnerable to infections, cardiovascular and other diseases. Not only adults but also children suffer from excessive experiences. Thus, 70-80% of cases of the disease in childhood are caused by stress.

Sick people rarely know how to relax. For example, an excellent way to relieve stress is to take a little energetic walk.

Eat right and eat less

What and how many people eat directly affect a person’s health, mood, and well-being. The abundance of fatty, fried, salty foods, sweets, lack of vitamins and other beneficial substances leads to the appearance of overweight, problems with blood vessels, diabetes, and digestive disorders. Those who monitor their diet and weight have lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Therefore, less likely to get sick.

Full sleep

Maintaining health without proper rest is impossible. When a person is sleeping, complex restorative biochemical processes take place in his body. Nothing prevents him at this time from assimilating nutrients and accumulating energy for the normal functioning of organs and systems. If the body does not get enough time to recover, the immune system suffers. The need for sleep depends on age. An adult, on average, needs to sleep 7-8 hours a day.

Physical activity

It is no secret that a sedentary lifestyle is a provocateur for many diseases: obesity, cardiovascular diseases, problems with joints, hemorrhoids, etc. In turn, scientific studies show that exercise helps strengthen the immune system.

Medication caution

Many people tend to self-medicate. This contributes to the abundance of advertising drugs in the media. Having noticed the symptom “like an advertising hero,” a person makes a diagnosis and rushes to the pharmacy for the advertised medication. However, the same trait may indicate completely different diseases. For example, heartburn can be a consequence of banal overeating, and a sign of diseases of the digestive system. A cough, even with a cold, can have a different character, and therefore is treated with different drugs. Tightening a visit to the doctor, a person aggravates his illness and poisoning his body with possibly useless medications in this case. How not to get sick after that?

A vivid example is the “fashion” for antibiotic treatment. Recall, these drugs act only on bacterial infection and are prescribed by a doctor. If you “eat” an antibiotic with ARVI, then you create conditions for the reproduction of dangerous bacteria, increasing the likelihood of complications. How not to get sick after that?

Treasure your friends

Scientific studies show that friendship strengthens the immune system and helps to maintain memory. Probably, this is facilitated by communication and emotional support from friends.

Do not focus on sterility

Immunologists are increasingly inclined to believe that excessive sterility helps reduce the protective properties of the body. An “untrained” organism, facing various pathogens and allergens, cannot repulse them. This does not mean that you do not need to wash your hands and adequately handle the products. But it is also not necessary to protect the child from every speck of dust or communication with others.

Cold Prevention

There are many ways to prevent a cold. If you do this all year round, you can soon forget about this ailment altogether. Even if it so happened that the cold still overtook, then it will be much easier to pass, and it will be possible to avoid negative consequences.

Tips for the prevention of colds:

•    Mandatory washing of hands with soap and water, especially after visiting crowded places;

•    Saturation of the daily diet with vitamins. The maximum number of them is in red and yellow vegetables and fruits;

•    Respiratory technology. When performing breathing exercises, the immune system is activated, which fights against the common cold;

•    Getting rid of bad habits. Smoking and drinking alcohol adversely affect the body, causes dehydration, as a result of which the disease lasts longer;

•    Time to rest. Even in case of a busy schedule, it’s worth taking the time to relax your body. It is essential to get enough sleep;

•    Sport. Supporting your body in tone is a critical point. Even regular exercise in the morning will make you healthier.

Hardening with cold water

In addition to all the above methods of prevention, there is another one. It is hardening with cold water. This method helps to make the body more resistant to the effects of viruses and bacteria. Hardening affects the immune system, the vessels, due to the contraction of which increases blood flow to the internal organs. Also, cold water will help to lose weight. It is essential to do it right. You can not start with a swim in the hole or douche with ice water. The desired effect is achieved gradually. You can begin hardening slowly reducing the temperature of the water while taking a shower. It is advisable to reduce it by one degree every few days. It is better to start with warm water, also gradually lowering its temperature. Note! There are contraindications in this method. It is not necessary to be tempered with cold water in moments of acute cold, with severe cardiovascular diseases, and asthma.

Physical activity

A visit to the gym is not such an impossible wish and a difficult task. After all, there are probably quite a lot of such institutions in your city. You only need to choose a more suitable location (preferably close to home) and make sure that this institution has all the necessary equipment. After all, some visitors prefer to engage in sports halls, in which cardiovascular machines are installed, and someone has a standard set of gear.

A person who decides to take care of himself and his health can safely sign up to a fitness club. It is a more functional facility than a regular gym. And some of them even have dance programs. A modern fitness center is not only entertainment for wealthy people. Now visiting this place is available to almost anyone.

An apple every day

If you get used to eating at least one apple a day, you can even forget about medicines and doctors. Apples contain a natural antioxidant, quercetin, which strengthens the immune system (by the way, this antioxidant is also found in broccoli or green tea). A study conducted at Appalachian State University showed that only 5% of people who consumed 1000 milligrams of quercetin daily showed a 5% incidence. In contrast, people who received a placebo instead of quercetin showed a 45% incidence.


Have you ever wondered how it is possible that yoga instructors never get sick, they are not worried about either the flu or other typical symptoms of viral diseases? Experts say that this is due to meditation. It can calm the nervous system and improve the functioning of the immune system. Calm thinking suggests a more relaxed body. Besides, meditation improves sleep, which, again, strengthens your immune system.

Positive thinking

Studies have shown that people who have a positive attitude towards life consider themselves happy, calm, peaceful, much less sick and less likely to get influenza or other viral infections.

Complex training

If you never want to get sick, according to experts, you need to focus on a comprehensive training of the body. It is not enough to run or visit the gym twice a week. Experts say that it is necessary to combine different types of movement (cardio, strength training, and stretching) for the action to have a corresponding effect on your health and protect you from illness.

Pay attention to your lips

Rinsing your mouth twice a day with an antiseptic mouthwash, you help the general state of health. It has long been known that poor oral hygiene and gingivitis, which often manifest as bleeding, are associated with more severe diseases, such as diabetes or heart attack.

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