How to Survive without Drugs?

How to Survive without Drugs?

The instructions for drugs often include information that they should be taken in strictly limited doses and for a strictly limited time. Despite, people rarely follow this advice, believing that the more drugs they make, the faster they will be cured, which is not the case. The point here is not only in the side effects that can manifest from the excessive use of drugs but that the very principle of the action of drugs is such that it is worth taking them only if necessary.

The Effect of Drugs on Bodies

The issue is that almost all drugs act to compensate for the lack of something, for example, the lack of activity of some enzyme. For this, a kind of artificial substance is usually used, and its action does not pass without a trace for the cell: cellular receptors get used to the drug, and the more the person uses it, the stronger is the bias in cell physiology. All this is similar to how drug addiction arises.

Paradoxically, the safest drugs are the hormonal ones, when the natural hormone, obtained from the outside, compensates for the lack of the same natural hormone, which the body for some reason cannot synthesize itself in sufficient quantities. However, with hormones, it should be borne in mind that their level varies considerably, not only depending on the age of a person but also on the time of day and various external factors play a role here, such as stress, food, etc.

However, hormones are often taken completely ignoring their daily fluctuations or anything else, and consequently, hormonal treatment is notorious as dangerous. On the other hand, to make hormones correctly, you need to develop a personalized approach in medicine, when for any medication, not just hormones, you can determine how a particular body will react to it. However, such a personalized approach cannot always be implemented merely for economic reasons.

In general, specialists engaged in the development of drugs make great efforts to make them as safe as possible. This is long, detailed testing of different doses, studies on the compatibility of drugs with different physiological features, and a lot of money. However, qualitative breakthroughs in modern pharmacology have not happened for a long time, and most of the new drugs are modifications of molecules long invented (except for drugs used in oncology treatment).

Basic Tips on Surviving without Drugs

Overall, as evident as it may sound, it is better not to rely on drugs, but to lead a healthy lifestyle. The basic rules of a healthy lifestyle will help to live without drugs. They are many and straightforward know them very well but avoid either because of laziness or anything else.

1. Do not take everything to heart. Take care of your nerves and mental strength.

2. Know how to relax with the help of breathing exercises. Perhaps yoga can help with that.

3. Refuse completely from wonderful fast food, eat more plant foods: vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, garlic, onions.

4. Be sure to arrange cleanse/detox days. It cleans the body of all “garbage,” sick, cancer and non-viable cells, allergens, and toxins. Ideally, begin to follow the fasting season.

5 Drink enough water. Drink a glass after sleep and a glass 30 minutes before meals. All sorts of vitamin drinks are also useful. All such drinks should be prepared without sugar. In some cases, honey can be added.

6. Be sure to systematically strain all the muscles of your body: walk, run, squat, go to the pool.

7. Quit smoking. This bad habit makes people old and sick. You should also abandon the use of alcoholic beverages. Remember that alcohol damages the brain and the liver, and only producers interested in advertising which can count profits on your addictions are interested.

8. Get enough sleep. Do not try to save time on sleep. You are supposed to sleep 7-8 hours to let the body “repair” itself.

9. Smile more often. A smile makes life much easier.

10. Do good deeds. Help those who are in need. It will fill you with the energy of gratitude of people and make you stronger.

11. Most significantly, do not expect doctors to make you healthy. They can cure a disease, even save a life but it will only lead you to the start, and after that, you rely on yourself to stay healthy. Minor diseases are inevitable, but serious ones most often appear as the result of an unreasonable lifestyle: a decrease in “reserves” due to detraining.

Ultimately, health is the “reserve capacity” of the organs, of our whole physiology. They are necessary to maintain normal functional performance at rest and under stress — physical and mental. This “capacity” does not come from any medicines. You can achieve and develop it only by training and exercises.

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